Performance at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Tuesday, October 3rd was a special day for the Haitian Orphan Choir. Their last performance of the 2017 tour was in front of thousands of people at the Atlanta United soccer game. The tour ended with a bang as the children sang in the brand new, state of the art Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.


If there’s anything most kids in Haiti would agree on, it’s that soccer – or foutbol as it is pronounced in Creole – is the greatest sport to watch and play. It doesn’t matter if they’re playing in a dusty field, a roadway, in the mud or on top of a mountain. And although using a real soccer ball is preferred, Haitian children can be crafty using bottles, crinkled up paper, cans and even basketballs as a soccer ball to play the game they love. You are guaranteed to see several pick-up soccer games if you were to join us on one of our week long mission trips to Haiti. The sport of soccer is loved and adored, it brings the children together.


Children in Haiti playing soccer in a field on top of a mountain.

Now imagine the bewilderment our Haitian Orphan Choir experienced singing on the big stage before an MLS game. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is all things extraordinary and extravagant, a paradox much different than the natural beauty and humility you’ll find in Haiti. What a blessing for the children who’s lives have been abundantly changed through Love Him Love Them. To go from an orphanage with no running water or electricity, to singing at the Atlanta United soccer game in the United States. A miracle ordained by only God Himself.

ATLUTD_MinnesotaFC_KH_10032017-82 (1).jpg

The children weren’t the only ones smiling from ear to ear that day. Thousands of people were blessed by their singing. Hearts were touched and lives were changed at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

You can read the article about the Haitian Orphan Choir on Atlanta United’s website¬†here.