Meet Our 2017 Choir Mom: Alana

There are 22 kids and 5 band members in the Love Him Love Them choir. They travel to different cities and states every week. Months on the road means 27 sets of clothes to keep track of. 27 mouths to feed. 27 children to get to their host home. 27 children to get ready for the next performance. And 27 children who on top of all that, are from a different country. I’m sure you’re wondering…how on earth do things stay in order when the choir is touring America?

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Meet Alana, the 2017 Choir Mom. Alana is on the team that travels with the choir and keeps things under control. She is sweet as can be, down to earth, responsible, wise beyond her years and most importantly, full of JESUS! Read below to learn more about Alana, her love for the children and how serving the choir impacted her relationship with the Lord.


Tell us about yourself! How old are you and when were you first introduced to Love Him Love Them?

My name is Alana Threlkeld and I am 18 years old! I was first introduced to LHLT when Mrs. Linda and her team came and spoke at my church about LHLT about 2 1/2 years ago! 


What were your thoughts the first time you heard the choir sing?

The first time I heard the choir sing was unbelievable! It was so overwhelming! The holy spirit just invaded the room we were in and invaded my heart with joy! 


We can all relate to that feeling! What is your favorite memory from being on tour?

My favorite memory from being on tour was the entire tour of course! But most definitely the bus rides! We were the P.A.R.T.Y on the road! Haha we had sweet moments on the road and not so sweet moments, but that’s where we were all together compacted In one space where we were all together. Singing , dancing, laughing, sleeping, praying! Those moments I will always hold dear to my heart! 


Where was your favorite place to hear the children sing?

My favorite place to hear the children sing was right up there on the stage of any event we were doing! Sharing the gospel! 


Where was your favorite place to visit (just to sightsee, do something fun, etc.)?

My favorite place to visit was the kitchen to eat before every concert! Being on the go makes you hungry! Haha 


What was the hardest part about being on tour with the choir?

Every bit of it was hard! Hardly no sleep, tons of responsibility, the many volunteers I communicated with, getting the kids on a schedule, getting them ready on time to go to every event, getting them dressed before going on stage! Getting them to bed, and not to mention the serious spiritual warfare we were facing! I had every responsibility of a mother but times 27! And those are just a few of the many responsibilities I had taken on! It wasn’t easy but god equipped me in a way I never thought was possible! I’m so blessed to have had the experience to be with the choir! 


What did you learn about God by serving Him in such an incredible way?!

I learned that my god is SO good! He’s always gracious and always there when I needed him most! He showed up and showed out ALWAYS!! I also learned god can take a small town country girl and throw her in the middle of Haiti and use her beyond anything she ever imagined!! My god is SO BIG!


What did being with the children all the time teach you about Jesus?

Jesus lived a life of patience, compassion, and grace! We are all called to live just as Jesus did! And when you have a daily encounter with children you have to learn patience upon patience upon patience. Learn to always be compassionate and to always have an attitude of grace!


What you do is incredible! How in the world do you all get everyone from place to place AND make sure they are dressed and ready to perform when they get there?!

A lot of yelling to make sure everybody hears me and repeating myself to keep reminding them to get ready! Goodness now that was stressful! God, plus many volunteers always helped my round them up when it was time! We never lost a child which calls for a huge thank you Jesus!


After traveling to Haiti through a LHLT mission trip and being highly involved in the ministry, what would you say to anybody thinking about going on a mission trip or serving?

Step way outside of your comfort zone! His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses!  We were given the power of Love NOT the spirit of fear!! GO! The first time I went to Haiti I was 16 years old , i had never been to an air port or on an airplane!! I went without my parents. And the only person I knew on that trip was Mrs. Linda You talking about some faith!! You really wanna test and grow your faith go to Haiti,  go on a mission trip! God will use you in such a remarkable way that there will be no explanation but Jesus! We are called to GO!


OK, lastly – some fun information about you! What is your favorite Bible verse?

My favorite bible verse is “Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” Proverbs 3:5.

Thats a constant reminder! It’s like ok god I don’t know where your taking me or what’s next but I’m trusting you and what you have for me! Less of what I want, more of Jesus and his perfect plan!


What is your favorite worship song?

My favorite worship song is “ when death was arrested” by north point inside out!


Anything else we should know about you? 

I absolutely love Jesus , kids, special needs , eating and dogs. 🙂







Alana, you are a blessing to many! What a strong woman of God you are!


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