Meet Our First Full-Time Volunteer On The Ground In Haiti: Sarah

Meet Sarah Logan. She is 25 years old and will be spending the next four months in Haiti to serve with Love Him Love Them! Read below to learn more about her heart for the choir, Haiti and Jesus!


What made you decide to go on a Mission trip?

This is a multiple part story with so many little, but big things! I will try my best to give the sparknotes version! The Lord placed missions work on my heart during the summer of 2014. I honestly couldn’t tell you where the idea came from. Nowadays I can confidently say God put it on my heart, but it was random at the time because I wasn’t going to church or living out my faith. I was actually at a terrible place in my life. I loved Jesus and had accepted Him into my heart, but I was by no means walking with Him.

I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures and I liked the idea of going somewhere new, playing with kids and trying to help out. So I added a mission trip to my bucket list, but never actually pursued it until over a year later. I casually mentioned to someone that I wanted to go on a mission trip and they suggested Haiti because it was close and teams go down for week-long trips all the time. I did a quick Google search, found an organization called Adventures in Missions and saw they had inexpensive 5 day mission trips to Haiti. I filled out an application, had a quick interview, was accepted, traveled to Haiti for one week in December of 2015, had my life completely changed and well… here we are today!


How did you become involved with Love Him Love Them Ministry?

On my third trip to Haiti with AIM, our team was paired with Love Him Love Them. To be honest I was little upset because three of my friends were coming on this trip and I wanted them to stay where I stayed on my last two trips. I wanted them to meet the kids and Pastors I knew in Carrefour. But as soon as we got Pastor Maxeau’s and Mrs. Linda shared her story I knew this ministry was something I wanted to be involved in! I wasn’t quite sure what that would look like, but God revealed His plans over time.


What were your first thoughts when you landed in Haiti?

I cried before the plane even touched the ground! Haha. I had been feeling a lot of fear leading up to my first trip and was seriously doubting myself on the flight there. As soon as the pilot said we were about to land in Port-au-Prince I looked out the window, saw Haiti for the first time and felt God’s presence like never before. What I was doing didn’t make sense at the time. I didn’t know where Haiti was on a map, I didn’t know Haitians spoke a different language and I really had no clue what a mission trip entailed. I was about to spend a week with complete strangers and no cell service in a country I knew nothing about. But when I looked out that plane window and saw the mountains, blue water and houses of Haiti, God very clearly said to me, “You are FINALLY where I want you!” I lost it and started sobbing! 


Did you get a message from Jesus confirming your decision to move to Haiti?

Oh yes. He was entirely too kind to give me SO much affirmation that I really didn’t deserve and shouldn’t have needed (I had MANY fears about moving to Haiti)! Ever since my first trip I prayed for ways God could continuously use me here. I really wanted to make a life out of serving the people and children of Haiti. While the choir was singing in Charlotte for my friends and church community, I saw how moved everybody was by the performance. God spoke very clearly to me saying, “What you’ve been praying for is right in front of you.” After that it took lots of prayer, more confirmations and finding the strength to give up just about everything I knew to move to a different country, but I am SO grateful God guided me through it all.


What are your goals while you are in Haiti?

I plan to do Bible Study with the children at LifeSaver, help keep sponsors and people in America up to date with what’s going on over here, help the kids with their English, do Zumba/workout type classes with the kids and just make them feel LOVED any way I can! The main priority is really just to love people… as cliche as that may sound!


Have you developed a teaching curriculum for the children?

Somewhat… I plan to walk through John with them. We are blessed to have a teacher in America who developed an English curriculum for them via video! I will be there to oversee and help them in the class.


How is your Creole coming?

Surprisingly well! The girls I live with at HUG Orphanage help me learn Creole everyday when they get home from school. How sweet that after being in a classroom all day they come home and basically do another class for me?! I can engage in simple conversations, introduce myself (age, hobbies, etc.) and ask for things I need. I really just need to expand my vocabulary, then I’ll be speaking like a local in no time. 🙂


It is a huge challenge to take care of American children, how are you going to handle the challenge of 30 Haitian children?

That is a question I ask myself frequently! I don’t think there is any strategy or formula to it. Anytime I feel overwhelmed or unqualified, the Lord just reminds me this is HIS plan and He will be faithful to see it through. He is also constantly reminding me that love is the key… I just need to continuously love them.


What do you think is going to be your biggest challenge?

I think the biggest challenge will be a personal one: the lack of freedom that comes with living in a foreign country. Life in Haiti is not like America where I can just run to the store if I need something. I can’t just go to Target if I’m bored. I’m not promised WiFi or a hot shower. But I think all these things will be blessings to help me depend on God and not the privileged circumstances I am accustomed to. I am truly eager to see how these challenges will shape and strengthen me. Oh, also missing my dog will be a challenge! 😦 


Do you have personal goals for your new adventure?

I want to be closer to the Lord, prioritize Him in a new way and spend more time learning the Word. I have millions of areas I need to improve in and I am believing this experience will help me!


Do you plan on working with the kids on helping them with their relationship with Jesus?

Absolutely! I believe that is the most important part of this whole journey! 


What is your greatest fear? Excitement?

I am scared of feeling lonely and not having a community of people to “do life” with. But God has already given me a pretty phenomenal support system! And I am truly excited for everything! Who knows what each day will hold in Haiti? It’s like my whole life is one exciting adventure. Also, spending time with the children is what I look forward to every week. They are just so special and fill my heart until it’s overflowing.


What is your new title?

Haitian Ministry Operator 🙂


What kind of impact would you like to see in the children by you coming down to Haiti and being there with them full time?

I want to see them grow in their relationship with Jesus. I want to encourage them to treasure the Word, obedience, worship, prayer, fellowship and all the aspects of being a person of bold faith. I want to teach them about becoming respectful, disciplined and mature children of God. I want them to learn English so they can better interact with people in America. Mostly, I want them to know how special, anointed, loved and PRECIOUS they are!


You can support Sarah here.


One thought on “Meet Our First Full-Time Volunteer On The Ground In Haiti: Sarah

  1. Oh Sarah !! To be your age and hear the Lord’s calling like you have ! May the Lord surround you with His angels of protection. May He cover you with His anointing of the Holy Spirit. May He fill you with the knowledge of His Word. Blessings abound as you walk according to His Divine Mission.


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