Meet our Treasurer/Secretary/Choir Mom: Mommy Macarena!

Do you know Mommy Macarena? She is a woman who can do just about everything! She is our Treasurer, Secretary, Choir Mom, and MORE! You can learn about her role at Love Him Love Them below!


Tell us about yourself! Are you married? Do you have children?

I am married to Mr. Troy! We just had a wedding anniversary! 21 years! We have 4 children: Cameron, Dima, Cyle, and Carrie. Cameron is 19 and is about to finish his sophomore year at college! Dima is 19 also. We adopted him from Ukraine in 2014. That one is a big story in itself! Cyle is 15 and a sophomore in high school. He is an incredibly talented keyboard player and has found very recently a renewed, overwhelming love for Jesus! Carrie is 11 and she is our only girl. She is a princess and has her daddy wrapped around his finger!!!


When did you begin a relationship with Jesus?

My relationship with Jesus (on my part) started in July 2008, but He has been working  in my life way back as far as I can remember! He brought me out of a horrible situation back in 1996. If I sit down and meditate about it, I can see His finger prints all over my life!! Even though I was raised without any religion I can see His providence through all of my life.


What do you do for/with Love Him Love Them?

My official title is “Treasurer/Secretary”, but I have been called Mommy Linda’s right hand too! Lol. I do anything and everything that is necessary!! From preparing everything for the choir to arrive to finding clothes, uniforms, and daily-living items for them.

While the Choir is here I drive the van with all the boys (band members) and pull a trailer with all the costumes, instruments, and product table items that we set up and sell at every presentation. I also bathe, discipline, clean up after, and LOVE the choir children! In a few words: being a mom to them!!


What is it like being on tour with the choir children?

LOL from crazy busy, unbelievable roller coaster, unexpected circumstances, tiresome, to INCREDIBLY JOYFUL, amazingly rewarding, and indescribable blessing!! I am honored that God saw me fit for the task!!

Where was your favorite place to hear the children sing during the tour? Where was your favorite place to visit (just to sightsee, do something fun, etc.)?

Every one of the concerts is a unique experience, honestly.

To me it’s like every time they are singing feels like it is our first concert. But if I have to pick one, it would be our last concert of the 2017 tour at the Mercedes Benz stadium! I love that the kids can sing the same whether it’s a concert where they are singing for a handful of people or if they are singing to 10,000!!! And even though they only sang the national anthem on that day, I can’t help but wonder how many lives were changed because of their unspoken testimony of courage, perseverance, and determination. They are a living example of what someone who believes and holds on to Christ looks like, even when living and coming out of the darkest circumstances. I know God used them on that day!!!

I have seen the excitement on their faces when we have gone to new special places like the beach or the zoo, and on our last tour we even visited a trampoline park!!! That was quite a fun experience!!!

What is the hardest part about being on tour with the choir?

I miss my family, my husband, and my children! Also, pulling the trailer!! I am not an experienced trailer driver. I can drive forward all day long, but I am always concerned about getting to a concert where I won’t be able to pull straight through!! LOL.

What have you learned about God by serving Him in such an incredible way?!

I have learned to depend on Him, to wait on Him, to search for Him in a deeper level for a stronger intimate relationship. I have learned that He can use even the hardest circumstances for His purpose, to become something He can use to reach others and for His glory. GOD IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN JUST ADD TO YOUR CHECKLIST OR TO YOUR LIFE, GOD IS SOMEONE YOU GIVE YOUR LIFE TO!!

God gave us His son and the Holy Spirit!! And with them we have all we need!! And He equips and enable us to do all He call us to do!! I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength!! GOD USES THE NORMAL EVERYDAY PERSON TO DO HIS WORK AND TO DECLARE HIS GOOD NEWS AND WORD, all we need to do is be obedient to His gentle call and have a willing heart. If God can use a girl like me…He can use anyone for His glory! GOD IS ALWAYS AT WORK!

What does your devotion to Love Him Love Them and the children of Haiti/Ukraine teach you about Jesus?

What a better way to fulfill one of Jesus’ spoken biggest commands “You should love your neighbor as yourself.”

After traveling to Haiti through a LHLT mission trip, what would you say to anybody thinking about going on a mission trip or serving?

During my first visit to Haiti and Ukraine, my heart changed!! I would love for everyone that reads this to go to Haiti and eventually to Ukraine with LoveHimLoveThem. Go, just go!!! Wherever God send you!! Be prepared!! If you really listen to God and His calling, your life is about to change forever!!! God is Good!!!

OK, lastly – some fun information about you! What is your favorite Bible verse? What is your favorite worship song? Anything else we should know about you?

My favorite must-go-to-every-time verse is absolutely Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight.”

My favorite bible book is Ruth. I love love one of the newest Casting Crowns songs, “Oh My Soul”. My favorite color is BROWN!! Lol…Mommy Linda thinks that is soooo boring.

I dream in English and I immediately translate to the Spanish language!!! I sometimes wake up translating my own dreams!!! LOL.

I am VERY BLESSED!! I have a wonderful husband, children, parents, siblings, and friends!


Wow! Thank you Mommy Macarena for sharing your testimony, wisdom, and experience with us! We are so grateful for all you do for Love Him Love Them and God’s children!


Birthday Spotlight: Maiko

April 7th is Maiko’s 15th birthday! We love him dearly and are so excited to celebrate another year of his life. Just look at his smile and handsome face! Get to know the birthday boy better below.



What do you want to be when you grow up? An Engineer, I want to build a hotel in the United States.

What is your favorite thing about touring in America? Soccer

Where is your favorite place to go in America? Alabama because there is good food.

Why do you love Jesus? Because He helps me.

What is your favorite song to sing? “I Pray for You”

What is one thing you love to do? Play soccer and watch movies.

What are you most thankful for? Jesus helping me

Maiko wants thank his sponsors and let them know he prays for them!

Mission Trip Testimony: Teachers Trip

Every year Love Him Love Them sends a team of American teachers to Galette Chambon in Haiti. Our team spends time working with the Haitian teachers and teaches them how to teach! We equip the Haitian teachers with tools, skills, and techniques so they can educate and care for the students at Galette Chambon in the best way possible!

Do you want to make a difference in Haiti? Do you want to help Haitian teachers educate the next generation of world changers? Maybe you’re interested in a mission trip, but have a few doubts or questions. A few of our past-trip attendees took the time to answer some of those questions you might have. Check out their testimonies and thoughts below to see if God is calling you to serve with us!


What made you want to go on a mission trip to Haiti?

Jenna – I knew that I was meant to do mission work back in 2005 when I went on a mission trip to Nicaragua with my brother. He became a full-time missionary there and I had to go back home to take care of my son. I went back to Nicaragua in 2007. I got married that same year.  I was so busy working and having more children that I lost the missionary part of myself. In November 2016, I visited my brother’s family in Nicaragua. I remembered that God had wanted me to do mission work. I felt so alive helping others in the mission field that I began to pursue other opportunities for missions. I talked to Ginger, our youth director at church. She said that the kids have always wanted to go on a mission trip so we began praying about it. Information about your mission had been shared through Heather Hawkins and Doug Vermilya at school, which prompted the teens to want to go to Haiti. The more Ginger looked into it, going on a mission trip with Love Him Love Them seemed like the right thing to do. I am all for going where I feel God wants me to go so I was really excited about going to Haiti!

Gabe – My uncle was a missionary.

Ginger – I personally had previously gone to Nicaragua where my older son was serving as a long term missionary, so I had experienced missions and had a desire for our youth to have that experience. As a group we had been praying for direction for our youth group. We had several members who had learned about Love Him Love Them through Doug Vermillia and Heather Hawkins at North Habersham Middle School. My twins had been able to see the kids sing in the summer of 2016 with Doug and fell in love with the kids. When we started planning for the summer of 2017 we were pleased to learn that the June trip was the week we had available to go and felt this was the confirmation we needed.

Hannah – I had always wanted to go on a mission trip and this one was because my mom, brother and sister were going. I never expected I would enjoy it so much.

Sarah – My brother and sister-in- law were missionaries and they loved it and I wanted to try.


How did you experience and see God move during your time in Haiti?

Jenna – I felt like we were meant to be there the entire time. I saw people come together in love for Christ to help others – strangers and group members working towards common goals to make life better for others. I saw a little girl, Grae, bring Haitians and Americans together in worship to our mighty KIng. I saw hearts softened and loving a people so completely different than themselves but brothers and sisters in Christ. I was truly blessed to be a part of this mission trip.

Gabe – To gain an even deeper belief of Christ in my everyday.

Ginger – From the time we committed to go we saw God move in miraculous ways. From the little details to the financial support God kept affirming to me that this was his desire for our little group from Harvest. When we got to Haiti it was so easy to see God’s hand at work from the immediate bonding of our mission team to witnessing the love shared between the Americans and Haitians when we could not even communicate with words.

Hannah – When we came around the corner at Cha Cha Mountain and got to the church, you could already hear singing. At the church they were all up and singing away and dancing with so much joy and they didn’t stop. You could feel their love for God. I imagine that is what it will be like in heaven.

Sarah – How far people came on Sunday to be in church, many walked for hours just to be there!


What do you think made the greatest impact on the people you served?

Jenna – I pray that my presence made an impact. I hope that my willingness to help, my attempts at communication, and longing to understand life in Haiti impacted someone in a positive way. I hope that some teachers and kids gained an understanding of what reading to others can be like.

Gabe – The pair of underwear I gave to a child.

Ginger – The joy I saw on the faces of the ladies when we shared sewing supplies, the excitement of the young ladies who practiced their skills by doing our nails, the laughter of the kids who sat in our circle and played Ms. Mary Mac, their faces all showed me that just spending time with them was all they wanted.

Hannah – Even though I wasn’t teaching. It was cool to see how excited all the Haitian teachers were after graduation. They were so excited to use what they learned and saying thank you to us.

Sarah – The kids had fun, we painted nails and danced together.

Andrew – I was on the CPR team and they had never heard of saving someone’s life with CPR so they were overwhelmed with knowing they actually could.


What was the best part of your trip? What was the worst part of your trip?

Jenna – The best part of my trip was singing to Jesus with all of our companions and sharing what God has given me with others. The worst part of my trip was leaving. I could honestly stay in the mission field if I did not have a family to take care of waiting on me in Georgia. I feel most alive and in my comfort zone when I am on a mission trip. I know that I am doing exactly what my Father wants me to do the whole time.

Gabe – The best part was my time there and the worst part was leaving.

Ginger – Our trip down Cha Cha Mountain was the best part. During that time, I realized what it felt like to truly and completely trust God. Our truck broke down, the interpreters had left on the first truck. We were there without an interpreter, no means of transportation. We chose to start to walking down the mountain and there was no panic, no fear, no frustration only fully trusting God! There were two moments that totally broke my heart on this trip. 1) The moment I learned that these precious young ladies have to leave the orphanage at 18 and have nowhere to go. 2) Through an interpreter I asked a very little girl in one orphanage what she would like to play and she responded “baby dolls”. I said “run get it and we will play”. Then she responded “I don’t have one.”

Hannah – When we had to walk down Cha Cha Mountain because the truck broke down. It was fun and a great experience. When we finally got in a car to ride back we couldn’t stop singing praises. The worst part was when we learned we were going to walk down I was really nervous.

Sarah – The team I went with and singing together with them was the best part. The worst part was when Linda almost left me! (At Galette Chambon the students were painting our nails when it was time to go and I was trying to ask them to stop and they didn’t understand they just smiled at me and kept working.)

Andrew – The best part was making life-long friends with others on the trip. The worst was seeing how extreme some of the people’s situations were.


What was your greatest takeaway?

Jenna – Jesus loves us all! He longs to be my best friend and the most important person in my life. He loves the Haitian people too! He longs to hold them in His loving arms!

Gabe – Probably realizing how blessed I am.

Ginger – In America we get too wrapped up in our daily lives and we often miss God’s hand at work in our lives. My week in Haiti showed me I need to change my vision. Yes, it is easy to see and feel God’s presence when you are on a mission trip in a country that has so many needs with 20 other people who are all there because they love the Lord. But my takeaway from Haiti is I can see and feel God’s presence in everything I do if I
change my vision from “my life” vision to “God’s ” vision.

Hannah – We take for granted what we have, when there are so many people who have so little. And yet the things we focus on in America leave us empty. It’s a hole only God can satisfy.

Sarah – To enjoy what I have.

Andrew – Be grateful for the many blessings that come your way.


What would you tell someone considering going on a mission trip?

Jenna – I would tell someone considering going on a mission trip to pray about it, ask God for a great big sign if he wants you to go. Then, when you have confirmation, put your whole heart into the trip. Serve those put in front of you with all of your ability, loving them every step of the way, and you will be blessed beyond belief! Going on a mission trip opens your mind and heart to the possibilities that God has for your life and serving others is the best way to serve Him!

Gabe – That it was amazing.

Ginger – Stop waiting and go, God will bless you beyond anything you can imagine!

Hannah – Absolutely Go! It’s an experience you will never forget and you will see God move in ways you never thought were possible.

Sarah – Go and try it, find the best place for you to fit.

Andrew – Go! Go! Go!


How did serving in Haiti change your relationship with Jesus?

Jenna – Singing to Jesus, sharing life experiences with others, seeking ways to serve others, and seeking an understanding of what my life is meant to be in Christ opened my eyes to what Jesus wants in my life! I came back from Haiti knowing that I am supposed to be singing for Christ, a stronger confirmation that I am meant to be doing mission work, and the knowledge that I am gifted with the ability to learn new languages, if I will put in the effort to do it. I began to seek God’s will in my life in a more trusting, believing way.

Gabe – It definitely made it stronger.

Ginger – I have learned to use my “God” vision more frequently in my life!
Hannah – Sometimes to experience God differently you have to go out of your comfort zone and that’s exactly what my trip to Haiti did. I got to experience a different depth in my relationship.

Sarah – It opened my eyes to things God does.

Andrew – It rekindled a fire for Jesus that really lost it’s strength in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Now that you’ve heard their testimonies, what are you waiting for?! Click here to sign up for our Teachers Trip TODAY! Our 2018 trip is June 13th – June 20th and we can’t wait to have you serve with us!

Thank you Jenna, Gabe, Ginger, Hannah, Sarah and Andrew for taking the time to answer these questions! We are so grateful you served the people of Haiti with us!

Do you have more questions? Email them to

Birthday Spotlight: Ibendo

On March 18th Ibendo turns 15 years old! Read his interview below to get to know the birthday boy a little better!


What was your favorite thing that happened when you were 14? Going to the beach and going to Epidor.

What are you most excited about turning 15? Getting to play more soccer.

What do you want to be when you grow up? An Engineer, I want to build houses for other people to live in.

What is your favorite thing about touring in America? Eating, praying for people, changing the lives of people.

Where is your favorite place to go in America? Georgia because I liked Mr. Doug’s school and playing soccer with them.

Why do you love Jesus? He helps me with anything I ask him to help with.

What is your favorite song to sing? Every Praise.

What is one thing you love to do? Play soccer.

If you could help anyone, how would you help them? Give them a house and food.

What are you most thankful for? I pray that God will provide me some people who will take me to America to stay.

Happy Birthday, Ibendo! We love you so much!


In Honor of Sonsay

In Memory of
Normil Sonsay Djouninson
May 9, 2008 – February 24, 2018
Namoy 3

Forever sing your song.

With a broken heart and much sadness we share that Sonsay lost his fight. We were trying to get him out of Haiti and to the US for care. However, at about 11:00am on February 24th Sonsay left this world for his home in heaven. He impacted several lives in his 10 years and we believe he will continue to impact many more from his story.

Awhile back we asked the children interview questions and wanted to share his precious answers.

How old are you? 9

What do you want to be when you grow up? An Engineer

What is your favorite thing about touring in America? The pool / swimming

Where is your favorite place to go in America? North Carolina

Why do you love Jesus? He gives me strength

What is your favorite song to sing? Te Amo

What is one thing you love to do? Play with the remote control car, soccer, watch movies

If you could help anyone, how would you help them? Sweep and clean the table

What are you most thankful for? Mommy Linda and Mommy Macarena

What a sweet boy. He has helped people in so many ways other than just sweeping and cleaning the table… 🙂 and he will continue to help people through his story.

We are currently raising funds for the hospital being built in Haiti by Love Him Love Them. The children’s wing in the hospital will be named after our sweet Sonsay. Through these funds, Sonsay’s memory will live on and help save the lives of other children. Please consider giving to this cause through a recurring or one-time donation.

Click here to give.

Meet Our First Full-Time Volunteer On The Ground In Haiti: Sarah

Meet Sarah Logan. She is 25 years old and will be spending the next four months in Haiti to serve with Love Him Love Them! Read below to learn more about her heart for the choir, Haiti and Jesus!


What made you decide to go on a Mission trip?

This is a multiple part story with so many little, but big things! I will try my best to give the sparknotes version! The Lord placed missions work on my heart during the summer of 2014. I honestly couldn’t tell you where the idea came from. Nowadays I can confidently say God put it on my heart, but it was random at the time because I wasn’t going to church or living out my faith. I was actually at a terrible place in my life. I loved Jesus and had accepted Him into my heart, but I was by no means walking with Him.

I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures and I liked the idea of going somewhere new, playing with kids and trying to help out. So I added a mission trip to my bucket list, but never actually pursued it until over a year later. I casually mentioned to someone that I wanted to go on a mission trip and they suggested Haiti because it was close and teams go down for week-long trips all the time. I did a quick Google search, found an organization called Adventures in Missions and saw they had inexpensive 5 day mission trips to Haiti. I filled out an application, had a quick interview, was accepted, traveled to Haiti for one week in December of 2015, had my life completely changed and well… here we are today!


How did you become involved with Love Him Love Them Ministry?

On my third trip to Haiti with AIM, our team was paired with Love Him Love Them. To be honest I was little upset because three of my friends were coming on this trip and I wanted them to stay where I stayed on my last two trips. I wanted them to meet the kids and Pastors I knew in Carrefour. But as soon as we got Pastor Maxeau’s and Mrs. Linda shared her story I knew this ministry was something I wanted to be involved in! I wasn’t quite sure what that would look like, but God revealed His plans over time.


What were your first thoughts when you landed in Haiti?

I cried before the plane even touched the ground! Haha. I had been feeling a lot of fear leading up to my first trip and was seriously doubting myself on the flight there. As soon as the pilot said we were about to land in Port-au-Prince I looked out the window, saw Haiti for the first time and felt God’s presence like never before. What I was doing didn’t make sense at the time. I didn’t know where Haiti was on a map, I didn’t know Haitians spoke a different language and I really had no clue what a mission trip entailed. I was about to spend a week with complete strangers and no cell service in a country I knew nothing about. But when I looked out that plane window and saw the mountains, blue water and houses of Haiti, God very clearly said to me, “You are FINALLY where I want you!” I lost it and started sobbing! 


Did you get a message from Jesus confirming your decision to move to Haiti?

Oh yes. He was entirely too kind to give me SO much affirmation that I really didn’t deserve and shouldn’t have needed (I had MANY fears about moving to Haiti)! Ever since my first trip I prayed for ways God could continuously use me here. I really wanted to make a life out of serving the people and children of Haiti. While the choir was singing in Charlotte for my friends and church community, I saw how moved everybody was by the performance. God spoke very clearly to me saying, “What you’ve been praying for is right in front of you.” After that it took lots of prayer, more confirmations and finding the strength to give up just about everything I knew to move to a different country, but I am SO grateful God guided me through it all.


What are your goals while you are in Haiti?

I plan to do Bible Study with the children at LifeSaver, help keep sponsors and people in America up to date with what’s going on over here, help the kids with their English, do Zumba/workout type classes with the kids and just make them feel LOVED any way I can! The main priority is really just to love people… as cliche as that may sound!


Have you developed a teaching curriculum for the children?

Somewhat… I plan to walk through John with them. We are blessed to have a teacher in America who developed an English curriculum for them via video! I will be there to oversee and help them in the class.


How is your Creole coming?

Surprisingly well! The girls I live with at HUG Orphanage help me learn Creole everyday when they get home from school. How sweet that after being in a classroom all day they come home and basically do another class for me?! I can engage in simple conversations, introduce myself (age, hobbies, etc.) and ask for things I need. I really just need to expand my vocabulary, then I’ll be speaking like a local in no time. 🙂


It is a huge challenge to take care of American children, how are you going to handle the challenge of 30 Haitian children?

That is a question I ask myself frequently! I don’t think there is any strategy or formula to it. Anytime I feel overwhelmed or unqualified, the Lord just reminds me this is HIS plan and He will be faithful to see it through. He is also constantly reminding me that love is the key… I just need to continuously love them.


What do you think is going to be your biggest challenge?

I think the biggest challenge will be a personal one: the lack of freedom that comes with living in a foreign country. Life in Haiti is not like America where I can just run to the store if I need something. I can’t just go to Target if I’m bored. I’m not promised WiFi or a hot shower. But I think all these things will be blessings to help me depend on God and not the privileged circumstances I am accustomed to. I am truly eager to see how these challenges will shape and strengthen me. Oh, also missing my dog will be a challenge! 😦 


Do you have personal goals for your new adventure?

I want to be closer to the Lord, prioritize Him in a new way and spend more time learning the Word. I have millions of areas I need to improve in and I am believing this experience will help me!


Do you plan on working with the kids on helping them with their relationship with Jesus?

Absolutely! I believe that is the most important part of this whole journey! 


What is your greatest fear? Excitement?

I am scared of feeling lonely and not having a community of people to “do life” with. But God has already given me a pretty phenomenal support system! And I am truly excited for everything! Who knows what each day will hold in Haiti? It’s like my whole life is one exciting adventure. Also, spending time with the children is what I look forward to every week. They are just so special and fill my heart until it’s overflowing.


What is your new title?

Haitian Ministry Operator 🙂


What kind of impact would you like to see in the children by you coming down to Haiti and being there with them full time?

I want to see them grow in their relationship with Jesus. I want to encourage them to treasure the Word, obedience, worship, prayer, fellowship and all the aspects of being a person of bold faith. I want to teach them about becoming respectful, disciplined and mature children of God. I want them to learn English so they can better interact with people in America. Mostly, I want them to know how special, anointed, loved and PRECIOUS they are!


You can support Sarah here.

2017 Ministry Accomplishments

WOW! 2017 was an impeccable year for Love Him Love Them. We saw progress and growth in every aspect of our ministry! Below are a few of the ways our sponsors, volunteers and donors help to make this year the best one yet.

  • Saw 150 Salvations in Haiti and the United States.
  • Made improvements to Lifesaver Orphanage (the Choir’s home), which took them from a disastrous situation to becoming one of the top government recognized orphanages in the country of Haiti!
  • Refurbished the kitchen at Lifesaver Orphanage.
  • Provided laptop computers for each child in the choir.
  • Implemented a Study Lab for Lifesaver Orphanage with personal desks and lockers.
  • Purchased land to build 100 houses for victims of Hurricane Matthew that hit on October 3, 2016 for families who remain homeless from that tragedy. (You can help build a house for $7,000 HERE.)
  • Purchased 2 industrial ovens for the cooking class at our vocational school.
  • Broke ground and began construction on the Hospital in Gallet Chambon.
  • Bought an Ambulance for the Hospital.
  • Sung the National Anthem for the Atlanta United soccer team at the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.
  • Added a salon chair, sink, desk, mirror, blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners, perms and all supplies for the cosmetology class at our vocational school.
  • Gave school uniforms to our kindergarten and vocational school students.
  • Added a basketball goal and picnic tables to the playground area at one of our schools.
  • Installed fans to use in our classrooms at our vocational school.
  • Delivered wheelchairs to special needs children in Haiti.
  • Provided internet access to the vocational school.
  • Celebrated the first graduating class for computer students at the vocational school.
  • Broke ground and begin construction for the Transition Home in Gallet Chambon.
  • Completed the first level of the church at Doco in Haiti
  • Developed a Vacation Bible School Program focused on Haiti.
  • Ministered with over 100 participants on 6 different Mission Trips to Haiti.
  • Hosted our First Annual Golf Tournament

The choir had the once in a lifetime experience of singing with 17 time Grammy award winner Kirk Franklin in Haiti during the Earthquake Relief Concert. They sang in America with Gospel singer Ivan Parker and Craig Woolard of the EMBERS! They were also taught how to swim by Olympic swimmer Naomy Grand Pierre.

What a great year. We have been able to see tangible differences in the lives of others through Jesus Christ! We are so thankful for our generous supporters and are eager to see what 2018 will hold!


Patients waiting to be seen during the October ’17 Medical Mission Trip.


Using the brick maker purchased by Love Him Love Them to begin construction on the Hospital!


One of the many mission trip teams!


The Lifesaver Orphanage (Haitian Orphan Choir) children receiving their laptops.

Building a church

Construction at Daco Church.

2017-04-09 22.49.55

Love Him Love Them golf tournament.


Construction at Gallet Chambon.


The ambulance we will use at the Hospital.

Meet Our 2017 Choir Mom: Alana

There are 22 kids and 5 band members in the Love Him Love Them choir. They travel to different cities and states every week. Months on the road means 27 sets of clothes to keep track of. 27 mouths to feed. 27 children to get to their host home. 27 children to get ready for the next performance. And 27 children who on top of all that, are from a different country. I’m sure you’re wondering…how on earth do things stay in order when the choir is touring America?

IMG_1843 (1).JPG

Meet Alana, the 2017 Choir Mom. Alana is on the team that travels with the choir and keeps things under control. She is sweet as can be, down to earth, responsible, wise beyond her years and most importantly, full of JESUS! Read below to learn more about Alana, her love for the children and how serving the choir impacted her relationship with the Lord.


Tell us about yourself! How old are you and when were you first introduced to Love Him Love Them?

My name is Alana Threlkeld and I am 18 years old! I was first introduced to LHLT when Mrs. Linda and her team came and spoke at my church about LHLT about 2 1/2 years ago! 


What were your thoughts the first time you heard the choir sing?

The first time I heard the choir sing was unbelievable! It was so overwhelming! The holy spirit just invaded the room we were in and invaded my heart with joy! 


We can all relate to that feeling! What is your favorite memory from being on tour?

My favorite memory from being on tour was the entire tour of course! But most definitely the bus rides! We were the P.A.R.T.Y on the road! Haha we had sweet moments on the road and not so sweet moments, but that’s where we were all together compacted In one space where we were all together. Singing , dancing, laughing, sleeping, praying! Those moments I will always hold dear to my heart! 


Where was your favorite place to hear the children sing?

My favorite place to hear the children sing was right up there on the stage of any event we were doing! Sharing the gospel! 


Where was your favorite place to visit (just to sightsee, do something fun, etc.)?

My favorite place to visit was the kitchen to eat before every concert! Being on the go makes you hungry! Haha 


What was the hardest part about being on tour with the choir?

Every bit of it was hard! Hardly no sleep, tons of responsibility, the many volunteers I communicated with, getting the kids on a schedule, getting them ready on time to go to every event, getting them dressed before going on stage! Getting them to bed, and not to mention the serious spiritual warfare we were facing! I had every responsibility of a mother but times 27! And those are just a few of the many responsibilities I had taken on! It wasn’t easy but god equipped me in a way I never thought was possible! I’m so blessed to have had the experience to be with the choir! 


What did you learn about God by serving Him in such an incredible way?!

I learned that my god is SO good! He’s always gracious and always there when I needed him most! He showed up and showed out ALWAYS!! I also learned god can take a small town country girl and throw her in the middle of Haiti and use her beyond anything she ever imagined!! My god is SO BIG!


What did being with the children all the time teach you about Jesus?

Jesus lived a life of patience, compassion, and grace! We are all called to live just as Jesus did! And when you have a daily encounter with children you have to learn patience upon patience upon patience. Learn to always be compassionate and to always have an attitude of grace!


What you do is incredible! How in the world do you all get everyone from place to place AND make sure they are dressed and ready to perform when they get there?!

A lot of yelling to make sure everybody hears me and repeating myself to keep reminding them to get ready! Goodness now that was stressful! God, plus many volunteers always helped my round them up when it was time! We never lost a child which calls for a huge thank you Jesus!


After traveling to Haiti through a LHLT mission trip and being highly involved in the ministry, what would you say to anybody thinking about going on a mission trip or serving?

Step way outside of your comfort zone! His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses!  We were given the power of Love NOT the spirit of fear!! GO! The first time I went to Haiti I was 16 years old , i had never been to an air port or on an airplane!! I went without my parents. And the only person I knew on that trip was Mrs. Linda You talking about some faith!! You really wanna test and grow your faith go to Haiti,  go on a mission trip! God will use you in such a remarkable way that there will be no explanation but Jesus! We are called to GO!


OK, lastly – some fun information about you! What is your favorite Bible verse?

My favorite bible verse is “Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” Proverbs 3:5.

Thats a constant reminder! It’s like ok god I don’t know where your taking me or what’s next but I’m trusting you and what you have for me! Less of what I want, more of Jesus and his perfect plan!


What is your favorite worship song?

My favorite worship song is “ when death was arrested” by north point inside out!


Anything else we should know about you? 

I absolutely love Jesus , kids, special needs , eating and dogs. 🙂







Alana, you are a blessing to many! What a strong woman of God you are!

Performance at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Tuesday, October 3rd was a special day for the Haitian Orphan Choir. Their last performance of the 2017 tour was in front of thousands of people at the Atlanta United soccer game. The tour ended with a bang as the children sang in the brand new, state of the art Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.


If there’s anything most kids in Haiti would agree on, it’s that soccer – or foutbol as it is pronounced in Creole – is the greatest sport to watch and play. It doesn’t matter if they’re playing in a dusty field, a roadway, in the mud or on top of a mountain. And although using a real soccer ball is preferred, Haitian children can be crafty using bottles, crinkled up paper, cans and even basketballs as a soccer ball to play the game they love. You are guaranteed to see several pick-up soccer games if you were to join us on one of our week long mission trips to Haiti. The sport of soccer is loved and adored, it brings the children together.


Children in Haiti playing soccer in a field on top of a mountain.

Now imagine the bewilderment our Haitian Orphan Choir experienced singing on the big stage before an MLS game. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is all things extraordinary and extravagant, a paradox much different than the natural beauty and humility you’ll find in Haiti. What a blessing for the children who’s lives have been abundantly changed through Love Him Love Them. To go from an orphanage with no running water or electricity, to singing at the Atlanta United soccer game in the United States. A miracle ordained by only God Himself.

ATLUTD_MinnesotaFC_KH_10032017-82 (1).jpg

The children weren’t the only ones smiling from ear to ear that day. Thousands of people were blessed by their singing. Hearts were touched and lives were changed at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

You can read the article about the Haitian Orphan Choir on Atlanta United’s website here.